Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Your Suggestions

[REVISED; Originally posted 5/31/07]
Let's create a list of features -- your "wish" list -- and we will keep re-editing this list as new ideas surface. Some of this info repeats the earlier listing, but this entry will be the edited and re-edited as the definitive input from your comments. (And soon -- but not yet -- we're all going to work together to put these in some kind of priority order.)(Italics in the list now represents wishes that have been all or mostly addressed at this point) Hang on:

1) Confused by the random avatar.
2) Wish you could select from a set of prebuilt avatars instead of uploading.
3) Prevent gaming the system by multiple self-voting (i.e. Helpful) in Reviewer pages;
4) Worried these new features will slow down the site experience
5) Sort Movie Reviews by Similarity % (or by date, or by pretty much anything)
6) Be able to find people with high similarity (e.g. the top 5 people similar to me), and hang onto people you've found.
7) Need to edit/delete reviews beyond first page;
8) Email notifications of major changes at the website
9) Able to add movies to Custom Lists directly from the movie page
10) Why truncate nicknames?
11) Miss the personal description (bio) part of Profiles
12) Changing the order of movies in Custom Lists;
13) Custom Lists problems adding some titles (ie. need a "MORE" button if the title you want doesn't come up first). (Workaround is #9)
14) Message boards on various movie topics so folks w/o Friends can still chat etc.
15) Allow option for non-Friends to leave you notes
16) APIs available for external development
17) Flag Reviews as "Not a Review" to get rid of bogus content, spam, or gripes...
18) "View Myself" ability to see your entire profile as others see you -- to verify Privacy, to see what they are seeing, etc.

1) Average ratings for you and each of your Friends;
2) Loved by your Friends and Recommended for you suggestions;
3) An Overview page for each Friend, not just ratings or queue;
4) Edit/Delete Movie Notes with your Friends
5) Disable/control email notices about Movie Notes being created
6) Film level privacy control -- to hide certain movies from Friends or others
7) Persistent notes (a la the old MiniReviews) such that new Friends can see old notes.
8) Notebook organization a bit wonky, and should include more info from the Friends Activity (ie ratings, etc that are mentioned in F.A.) and ability to sort or view only received notes.
9) Options for faster loading of Friends detail pages (ie Queue, Ratings)
10) Hide real name (and location) from Friends. In other words, allow "anonymous" Friends.
11) Bring back the "Purple Dude" icon
12) Import Gmail (et al) address book for Friends and Tell-A-friend invites
13) Clean up Privacy page and/or interaction -- with alphabetical access and/or access from Queue

GENERAL (non-Community) -
1) Confusing UI with the tabs, subtabs, side nav
2) Visual (spacing) confusion with the wider pages and the new sidebar
3) Better info/filmography (more complete--like Screenwriter) on actor/director pages and movie display pages
4) 1/2 Star Ratings
5) Bring back the "Shooting Star" icon
6) Polls on blog for new features
7) Move "language and sound" and "subtitle" info higher on movie pages
8) Sort rated movies by rating date, by genre, stars, release date, alpha, etc.

Hopefully y'all are starting to feel the steady forward progress here. Not everything is going to get addressed, but of course there will be other new interesting features not listed here--which in turn will give you more ideas for improvements. In the few months expect more significant changes to this part of the site. (But not this week. I'm on vacation this week...)