Friday, July 13, 2007

Today's New Features in Community

It's that time again... the time where a few more problems get solved, where the features get just a little bit better... step by step we will make this into a very fun place to find and share movies.

Anyway, tonight we've freshly released the Privacy feature and the RSS Feeds (both discussed earlier). Fixed a few other things along the way. Try this stuff out. Whatcha think?

Please let me know if anyone does something particularly creative with the RSS Feeds of your reviews and a custom list. I'm interested in hearing about this.
(and again, if you see anything really wrong, let us know what you see and what OS and Browser you're using.) Bon Appetit.


  1. What about the ability to import my gmail address book so I can see which of my friends have Netflix service and automatically invite them to be my friend or have the option to send a friend a two week trial sub?

  2. I know you guys are doing RSS....but I was thinking it would be great if there was just a netflix wordpress plugin like there is a flickr wordpress plugin, where on my blog i have all my last 10 fave photos on flickr in thumbnails in my right hand nav, and ive also got a twitter bucket, and my last albums listened, etc, etc. it could be like top 10 films or top 10 most recent films or something. the star ratings would have to be included of course so everyone knew what i thought of them.

    or, so make this more broad, if you would make your API open, so some people could make the plugin more wordpress, and someone else could make it for myspace, and someone else for facebook, etc.

    maybe the only caveat in letting out the code, would be an agreement that stated that the netflix logo banner always had to be used at the top, like the one. this is important, and people dont mind, they need the label; you get the advertising in a mellow way.

    ive got a ton of ideas about this and other things. love netflix! you guys should hire me to consult, ive got a lull now in the business season. ;)

  3. A question regarding the *new* RSS feature. Weren't the Personalized RSS feeds always there? Did you just add a tab to the friends section? Or am I missing something?

    Also, is it really RSS, or Atom? Might want to change it to "Feeds" and not tie yourself to an antiquated protocol?

    Regarding the privacy thing... I'm likely not going to use it - though I would have preferred to have a privacy button on the movie page - rather than scrolling through a huge list.

  4. All buttons on the review pages [both mine and other people's] now working flawlessly [Mac 10.3.9/Firefox]. Nice going, guys, and thanks for the sudden torrent of innovations! Although it must be slightly disheartening to find that all 7,000,000 of us want everything custom-tweaked to our own very particular requirement......

  5. I am having trouble adding the movie "She's the Man" to a list about soccer movies. It wants to stop at "She" so I assume that the apostrophe is creating some issues.

  6. @human computer - try this. I haven't used it on the most recent versions of WordPress, but it certainly worked fine through all the 1.x versions. I don't think it displays star ratings, though.

    @bob - it's something of a work-around, but if you can't add a film via the review/list page, go to the film's main page and look near the bottom of the left sidebar, and you can add it to any of your custom lists from there.

    @anonymous - I like the gmail import idea!

    @Michael - Thanks for the privacy feature! It's not something that I was desperate to have, but I've been thinking for a while that there are a few things I've rented that it'd be nice to hide.

  7. I don't use RSS feeds, so I can't comment on those, but I like the privacy option! I know that you said this is a temporary fix, but for now it gets the job done and I appreciate you getting it up and running in any form so quickly.


  8. Thanks for getting the privacy feature up and running. It's a great start! -- Hoping there will be some means within the queue to designate - or at least to see which movies have been marked private - rather than always scrolling the entire list of rentals and queue on the separate page. But just the same -- thanks!

  9. I might not have checked/connected the two, but since you mention those features in the same blog post...

    If you mark a movie as private, it still shows up in the RSS feeds. Bug or design decision?

    I can understand people using the RSS feeds to copy/manage their queues remotely, but I also wager they use them to share queue information with their blog readers, and in that case I'd expect the private movies to be hidden in the RSS feeds.

    Maybe as the privacy feature matures, another RSS list could be added that has full-movies, and the existing one switched to public-only movies?

  10. michael, from netflixJuly 16, 2007 at 5:18 AM

    dave - you uncovered a bug we missed!
    Everyone: Unfortunately, private movies still show up in your RSS Queue feed (and any other RSS feed that is relevant). This won't be fixed in the short term while we get some big dogs finished up. Sorry. I'll add a warning to the RSS Posting about this.

  11. Hi again Michael. Your point is well taken. Having worked at a certain online restaurant reservaton software/website company (in a non-tech capacity), I always thought our product managers and developers had the toughest jobs. Customers, users, exectives, directors, etc. all had widely varying opinions about features and adding the smallest enhancement affected every other aspect of the site. Users need to understand that development, QA, etc. takes time if the improvements are to function properly, and no one wants to see proper functioning more than the developers.

    On the flip side, the product guys used to tell themselves when receiving impatient or even hostile feedback that at least it meant people were "passionate" about the web site. If no one provided feedback, our business would have been dead in the water.

    As always, thank you for your excellent work.

  12. One thing to add in the privacy feature list. Maybe have the pages broken up by letters? For me I have rented a lot of movies so it would be helpful to not slosh through a huge list in one shot?

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