Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our Community

Right now the only way "in" to the community features is under that tab that says "Friends." But as you can see, the Netflix Community is far more than Friends.

But I think we need to change the label on that tab. Friends is not necessarily the right thing to call this part of Netflix. We could just put "Community" up on that tab. That's pretty good. But I also know folks who are sometimes turned off by the word community. I thought, perhaps, "Members." Not great, but maybe. There was a time around here when we graphically viewed the network of people using the Friends feature (a very cool diagram of people and lines connecting them) as a huge island. Our team sometimes referred to the island as "Netflixia" and I wondered if maybe that would work for our Community. On the other hand, some people think it sounds like a disease. I think it sounds somewhat provocative.

Any other ideas for the tab?

PS: While I'm asking about language, I have a problem with "Custom Lists". We're thinking of changing them to "Members Top 10 Lists" even though they are neither necessarily "top" nor "10" -- and yet most people understand in an instant what they will see if a headline says "Top 10 Lists". It's not perfect, but if you have some ideas here, I'd be interested in your thoughts on this as well as the tab. (And yes, I should be tanning on the beach, but frankly, this is what I do when I'm not working...)

POST SCRIPT 7/19: These are great suggestions (well, most of them) but i think you guys are working without some key information. The reason I feel the need to change the tab away from "Friends" is that we are about to change this part of the site pretty dramatically and Friends doesn't quite do it. Right now, if you don't have any Friends, or don't want any Friends, you just don't need to go here. But we are slowly building more and more elements that will be interesting for everyone, in particular, people without friends. Similiarly for the custom lists -- these work for some of you, but most people at Netflix (statistically speaking) neither use them nor have heard of them. You guys will figure out how to use the lists no matter what we call them, but my mom (sorry to keep bringing her up) needs it a lot more obvious, thus the Top 10 List kind of name. Give me a few days and i'll give y'all a sneak peek at some of the elements you'll be seeing on this new page. It will take a few weeks to roll out all the new elements, but i think i can give you a taste. That might help your efforts to name it. S'cool?