Monday, July 2, 2007

Killing Movie Notes' Email

You and I have been discussing this for some time, and here we go: Many people don't visit the site so often that they know to look for new Movie Notes, and enjoy getting an email alert that a new note has been sent to them. It's only on a new note and not for every reply or back-and-forth conversation. But some of you don't like the feeling that you're "spamming" your Friends. Absolutely. So here's what can be done: Disable the preference setting that sends you these notes. People who don't want to receive them have full control now, and you shouldn't worry that you're giving them anything they don't want to get.

1) Select Your Account link (at the very top of the screen).
It will take you to a page full of setting for your account. Look near the bottom for a block called "Account Preferences". Look for the link to your Email Subscriptions:

2) Select Email Subscriptions.
This opens a page of all kinds of emails you may (or may not) want to receive as part of your service. Look for the Friends Movie Note email:

Make sure it's not selected, and then you won't receive emails you don't want. Trust your Friends to manage this (but feel free to explain it to them if you're worried). I hope this helps. At worst, it's a start. (At best, we can move onto bigger tasks!) Enjoy.