Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's Release

We've started chipping away at some of your suggestions (and our bugs) and the first easy few are now online. Notice the "Similar To You" is spelled out (okay, not technically a bug... but it's progress). At your request, you can now also edit or delete even your older reviews. And I'm happy to say the image upload is working again after we broke it a few days ago. Watch this space for more updates as they occur.

Yikes, Eric caught us trying to surprise y'all - yes, yes... we're working on a return of the "mini-review" which is really just a review, but only for your Friends. It would be persistent (that is, new Friends would get to see them) and you caught a glimpse of some of the UI. Unfortunately it's NOT ENABLED. We just starting working on this and i'm not entirely sure how it got released. I think we'll absorb it back so it doesn't confuse anyone. My bad. (And yes, if you're a conspiracy theorist, i suppose you would rather believe we put this out there on purpose, to make you think we care about you when that must not be the case. Unfortunately, the truth is more prosaic -- we screw up sometimes, but hopefully not in a bad way. Believe what you want.)