Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seeing Yourself How Others See You

One thing that comes up with your Profile is how can you see your Reviews and Lists page "from the outside," that is, seeing yourself how others see you. This is nice if you're unclear about what info is being revealed about you, or how private everything is.

Until there is a specific button for this, we offer a work-around: all you have to do is delete part of the URL.

Here's how your "Reviews and Lists" page URL looks normally:

Delete everything after (and including) the question mark, so it looks like this:

Voila. You'll see how your look from the outside. We'll make this easier at some point, but for now, this works like a charm.


  1. Cool, it's nice to see how I look :)

    Wish I had some friends on Netflix. Still wanting that "Friend Search" feature. I'd like to be able to find someone on Netflix with similar taste to me.

    That's all I'm looking out for.

    Thanks for you're improvements so far Netflix!

  2. Yes, being able to search for friends would be a great feature.

  3. Mike, you realize you just let slip the dogs of war for the flamers?

  4. Mike, as long as people can vote multiple times, the fanbois and flamers will continue to wreak havoc to the standings in the Reviews. Giving them this powerful tool to screw up the balance, you might want to delete this entire article.

  5. Let them see the reviews on these pages but don’t let them vote on these pages. If they want to attack a reviewer by hitting all their reviews with ‘not helpful’ votes they would have to hunt them all down individually. A very difficult task.