Saturday, June 30, 2007


I've received a couple comments in the past day about me being the only person writing here, and how you'd like to hear from more than just one guy (don't worry: no insult taken); Funny this should come up now, as it's almost the same conversation we had around the office today.

I've been really enjoying this blog and your comments, but I think it's time to introduce a few of my partners here to you. As I said earlier, I'm the director of the team that is responsible for the aspects of the website that involve community; but i'm also partners with a small group of folks who, with me, deliver the whole website. We work together to design and prioritize the features that create your experiences online. Our jobs overlap in many ways, but we have fields of expertise. Todd, for instance, handles your ratings and the ways our site recommends movies. Meghan and Paul run a range of elements, from the Queue to the Home Page to the selling of "previously viewed" DVDs to just making sure that the pages you see are customized for you. Vikram recently joined to revitalize all the customer service elements. And Steve is concentrated on Instant Viewing in all its forms. We all work together and with teams of engineers and designers and marketing folks... but we have one job, and that is to listen to customers and make the website as good as we can. (Re-reading that just now, it does smack of some kind of Pollyanna marketing-speak, but i'm helpless here -- it is precisely what we are directed to do for our jobs -- to listen carefully to you. It doesn't mean we always do what you say; there are, after all, almost 7 million of you. But we are always paying attention. No bull.)

My voice has dominated this blog (and probably will continue to); Outside of my job at Netflix, i'm a writer and blogger and I personally enjoy these community-type experiences. My associates--experts in their fields--are not really bloggers, but happy to participate to the degree they can. Anyway, I wanted to introduce them to you, and invite them to post here from time to time. They've been reading your comments as well, and beginning next week you'll start seeing posts from them, to address your questions and comments and keep you informed about all our webwork. So stay tuned. The Netflix Community is about to get a little bit bigger.