Monday, June 11, 2007

Custom List Bug

While our Custom Lists are now significantly better than before, they're still not perfect. Just this morning, as we were exploring why there is some real wonkiness in that search box, and what you can do when the movie you want to add doesn't show up, we discovered an unusual bug that can make it very frustrating to add movies to your list.

Being the clever folks that we are over here in Community, we pilfered some existing work the Search guys were building that automatically fills in the name of the movie you start to type. While it works well for search terms (what it was built for), it is appears to be hit-and-miss in the case that there are multiple movies with the same title. (I was trying to add "Swiss Family Robinson" to a custom list and found it impossible to hit the 1960s Disney version, and kept hitting some lousy cartoon). Apparently, fixing this is not going to happen overnight - and while it is a drag, in many cases you'd never notice it. Anyway, the workaround we humbly offer is that we'll make sure you can always go to a movie page and add the movie to one of your lists directly from there. (It's the way this feature used to work). I'll let you know when it's available, but we're working on it now. And in the long run, we'll fix the way the custom list creation works to address this, and a few other little problems along the way. From all of us to all of you, sorry.