Friday, June 8, 2007

Connecting to People Who Are "Similar"

That's a great idea, folks. You're browsing around and you come across someone who is really really similiar... you know, something amazing like 90% or more. You read their reviews and you clearly have similar tastes and even share some pretty obscure favorite movies. You don't want to lose this person. They don't really have to be your Friend, I mean, you don't want to bug them. They may or may not be interested in you. You just want to hear when they find a new movie that's great, or read their latest review... you want to "subscribe" to a feed of their ratings and reviews.

Let's say there is a big button by their avatar image, and if you clicked it, you'd be able to keep an eye on them (but not in a creepy way). What's the button say on it?

Are you Subscribing to this person? If you saw that would you understand what that meant? What about Bookmarking them? That's often understood to mean 'holding' onto this page, although that misses the passive nature of this. You could be Adding them to your Favorites list. Like being a Friend, there could be another class -- a Favorite. Is Adding a Favorite better than Subscribing? And then there is a simple Save this Reviewer.

Can any of you propose a label for this button that is immediately understandable, clearly describes what this activity is, and doesn't require a paragraph explanation.