Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Avatars

A few of you asked to select your avatar instead of having us automatically give you one. Tell you what: here are all 12 of our pre-built generic images:

Now I can't imagine why you'd want to use one of these when literally millions of other people have them too -- isn't the point to be unique and personalized? However, if you were to Photoshop one, mess around with it perhaps, make it your own, well sure! (Each image here is riffed off of some classic cinematic image, some more obvious than others. Can you identify them all?)

On a somewhat more personal note, everyone around here is really excited by all the avatar personalization going on. It hasn't been a week and already you can hardly go to a movie page of reviews without seeing one of your little icons. That's really quite remarkable considering there are more than a million reviews. Enjoy.


  1. There's an MST3K avatar? I will gladly choose that as my own. :)

  2. Well, I can guess the easy ones:

    #5 - Coneheads
    #6 - Superman
    #8 - Nosferatu
    #9 - Finding Nemo
    #10 - Star Trek
    #11 - Simpsons
    #12 - MST3K

    I'll also take a guess that #2 is Gone With the Wind, and #3 is Casablanca?

  3. I keep getting an error message when I attempt to upload my avatar. I didn't see a troubleshooting section for this kind of thing. Is there a specific type of file this needs to be?

  4. Me too - can't upload an image. It's the right size (at least it's the same as all the defaults - 70x70) and I've tried jpg, png and gif. Same problem each time.

  5. #1 is Breakfast at Tiffanys
    #2 is Gone with the Wind
    #3 Casablanca seems like a good guess to me...
    #4 Looks like Ridicule to me. Maybe Dangerous Liasons? Marie Antoinette?
    #5 Coneheads
    #6 Superman
    #7 This one has me stumped.
    #8 Nosferatu
    #9 Finding Nemo
    #10 Star Trek
    #11 The Simpsons
    #12 MST3K

  6. If you are having trouble uploading an Icon, try reducing the resolution of the image.

    For instance, I couldn't upload my avatar, which I made in Photoshop. I knew the size was 150x150 pix, but the resolution was 300 pix per sq inch.

    I created a new blank image 150x150 pix with the resolution set at 150 and pasted my image in. Viola! no problems uploading.

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