Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We're Live!

Around 4pm yesterday we released the first bunch of features. It's all very exciting, I must say, but it didn't feel "real" until we showed up on Hacking Netflix this morning(snicker).

There does seem to be some confusion about the default avatars, so here's the deal: they're random. There are a dozen. They are not assigned based on anything about your movie taste, your gender, your age, nor your similar appearance to Nosferatu or any other cinematic character. The idea was only to have a nice array of images in there so the rest of the world wasn't looking at you as a blank face with a question mark. We wanted them interesting and movie-oriented, but not so great that you preferred it to your own creative iconography. The idea is to personalize your profile if you'd like, but not punish the rest of the Netflix community if you don't.


  1. My icon is a romantic couple -- does this bode well for my future?

  2. Could you stop fanbois from voting for themselves over and over agin? Once is enough!

  3. For the second time in a month, I have been sent the wrong disc. The first time, you sent the first disc of the Tick cartoon instead of the Tick live-action series. Today, I received Disc One of Jane Eyre rather than Smokin' Aces. My question is threefold: First, why has this happened twice in succession? Second, why is your system for reporting these problems -- that is, one must report the error (which YOU have made), return the disc, wait for the disc to get back to you, and then add the problem disc to one's queue and wait for it all over again -- so screwed up, especially in comparison to the procedure for damaged discs (in which one reports the problem and a replacement is sent immediately)? Third, what are you going to do to keep me as a customer?

  4. Now NF has crashed, it's 6:20 pm on the East Coast.

  5. Hi Chris G.

    I feel your pain. I had that happen once not too long ago in which I received the same disc twice, and it was cracked in half both times.

    I get the feeling that a bunch of overworked, underpaid schlubs in industrial warehouses all over the country are making the mistakes. I'm sure they don't realize where the mistake is until you report it.

    But you're right. Even if you report an error or a damaged disc, they wait until they get it back before sending you a new one. Doesn't seem right. I imagine it is to curb abuse.

    In my cracked disc case, I pitched a fit by e-mail, and they credited me with an extra disc out. I was mostly frustrated that it is now extremely difficult to find the customer service contact info on the Netflix Web site. But Hacking Netflix has it. Maybe if you call them and tell them nicely what happened, they will compensate.

    While the occasional thing like this does happen, they are really far and away the best service like this. I can tell you that you surely won't get good service from interested movie people and talented techies if you go to Wal-Mart or Blockbuster.

  6. I've received a disc that was scratched and wouldn't work, but I sent Netflix an email and immediately sent me another one.
    So thanks for the AWESOME customer service! keep it up!!

  7. I managed to finally get a free avatar somewhere that would work on your site until I can figure out how to make my own. However, I would have preferred simply to have had the option of changing the one given me randomly to one I choose myself. I’m sure there are still subscribers out there that would prefer this option as well. Why not make it easy for them? It shouldn’t be too much trouble and if it were my choice I’d increase the number of Netflix provided avatars as well. A dozen seems a puny selection for a community with so many members.