Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Features in the upcoming release:

While there is a moment to breathe, I wanted to point out a couple little elements on the site -- both of which are predominatly for those of you who REVIEW movies. Both are part of our first steps toward improving our "Reviews & Lists" page. For instance, here's how you can see your old reviews:

Notice that you can now delete old reviews, or edit them (on the spot). This is nice if you are like me and type fast and spell poorly.

Perhaps more fun is the improved CUSTOM LISTS feature. This is where you can compile a list of movies that may be useful to other (less movie-savvy) members: Your lists can be simple ("Greatest Date Movies") or complex ("Movies I loved in college and hate now"), but now they are much easier to create and manage.

We've had this feature on the site for years, but it was almost impossible to use. Now it's better. In short order, you'll be able to find the most current or most popular lists, as well as export lists to your own website or blog.

Time to run.