Saturday, May 12, 2007

Strange Things at Friends?

For a small group of our subscribers, you may have noticed some odd (and exciting?) new elements to the website tonight. Starting this afternoon, and ending tomorrow, we are doing some data server testing (i.e. website engineering technical-type stuff). Over the coming months we have some entirely new features to release, and this is the first step on that path -- we need to make sure it can handle the immense load all of you put on a website.
Anyway, check back here for some images from the new features, and some under-the-hood explanations of how they'll work and how to really maximize their use. Until then, if you happened to see the interesting new site features, consider yourself lucky: they were only visible to 4 out of 100 of you.

1 comment:

  1. Why does Netflix throttle frequent users? Didn't Netflix get sued for this practice? How is it possible to advertise unlimited movie when you LIMIT paying customers from receiving new movies? I've had Afro Samuari at the top of my queue for 2 months?