Friday, May 25, 2007

Similar 2U

Yikes. Getting a lot of feedback around here -- no one likes the expression "Similar 2U". People are telling me it sounds like an old dude trying to use hip youthful expressions, and just sounding idiotic. Okay, okay... we'll spell it out, dawg...


  1. Ooops! Well, color me sheepish. I just gave you bad feedback about this every thing in the original post regarding the feature and THEN I saw this post (working my way up from from the bottom). Sorry about that and glad to know I'm not the only one.

  2. Aw, I kind of liked it. Makes me think of Prince.

  3. Ha ha. Similar 2U doesn't bother me nearly as much as that it says "Releasing This Week" in the New Releases section. Release is a transitive verb; it needs a direct object. It should say: "Out This Week" or "Released This Week".

    I'm sorry. I'm a professional copy editor. I can't help myself!

    I think I wrote a feedback message a couple of years ago, but, sadly, it was disregard.

  4. Oy. That last word should have been "disregarded." (Blush)

  5. Or "being released this week" but then you'd have to change Apple's slogan to "think differently"

  6. 1) Confused by the random avatar.

    What is "avatar"?

    6) Be able to find people with high similarity (e.g. the top 5 people similar to me), and hang onto people you've found.

    I'd like this one too! I'd like to be able to correspond with other members I find that I agree with on their movie reviews.

    10) Why truncate nicknames? Why 13 characters?

    What is "truncate"?

  7. Genevon:

    avatar is the little photo that you upload that represents you. it could be a real photo of you, or some other creative icon. it shows something of who you are.

    truncate is to cut something off in the middle, and in this case, a long nickname that doesn't fit in the allocated nickname screen space.

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